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Politics in India | Why You Should Never Support Any Political Party

It’s a wave of politics all over India and all political parties are throwing stones in a river. Those parties who were in a coffin in the past 5 years are also standing to show their presence. In between all these dramas, one new thing is also in trend not only in India but in the whole world. And that is the worship of favorite parties. Now not only tea is hot but situations are also getting hotter. So, before going ahead I have a quick question for you. What do you think supporting political parties is right or wrong? Go down and comment below your answers.

Reasons to Not Support Political Parties

Now let’s put some lights on the statement that why you should never support any political parties these days. And how not supporting would be beneficial for the country’s growth.

1. Growth and Tax

This is Indian Tax collection Data between 2018 - 2019
Source:- https://tradingeconomics.com

According to Trading Economics, “Indian government collected around INR 13.37 trillion in April 2018-February 2019″. The tax has never been a problem in India but correctly allocation is. India has around 29 states, 7 union territories and according to Census India, there were 638,365 villages in India in 2001. Questions are, do we have basic Education facilities? Are we doing good in Medical? Why there are no teachers in the schools in villages and Why still it’s a big challenge for students to get an appropriate job? Why doing business in India is so complicated?

Hence, We never ask these questions to the leaders who are ruling us. Instead, we make our own opinion on the issues on the basis of our choices and priorities. We do support all those Politicians who did wrong and never give facilities because he/she is from the party we support. And that’s what gives them a push to keep doing the same things.

In between all those support, Do we ever think what politicians do with our tax money? If a person who is earning 5 Lakh in a year is not paying tax will be liable for penalties and there is a specific body to ensure all tax collections. Is the same thing applies to the Government? Why only words from the government is enough for us to ensure the right allocation of money? You Won’t have answers because we all are blindly following political faces which are kicking our future in hell.

2. Party is a New Religion

Image showing use of religion in politics.

I do support this, I do Support that. They are like a God for us. These are statements we usually hear. As a result, When religion comes into politics it becomes a disaster. Frank Herbert said “When religion and politics ride in the same cart, the whirlwind follows. And that’s what happens in the whole world. When everyone should question about development, they are breaking their relations by indulging into the religious debate. When we should hear about schools we hear anti-religion statements from politicians.

From childhood to now we all are being taught that there are some special people in the relatively religious places who take care of our faiths and religion. And at the same time, we also know that an elected politician is someone who takes cares about our problems and develops our place. Then why politician takes responsibility to secure our religion on their shoulders? They don’t tend to do that, It’s not their work.

All those politicians who divert you from basic needs to religious topics are using your faiths and beliefs to ensure their victory. The problem is people are following their statements and making it a hot topic instead of criticising them. It’s all about demand and supply rule. You are demanding hate speeches, and they are delivering. Once you start demanding New Schools, Education, Employment, Safty, Security, Peace, Love and a Better lifestyle, They must have to deliver it.

3. Criticism is a Medicine

This is political parties criticism
Always Criticize

All intellectual people believe it’s good to criticize political parties so that they can do their work efficiently. If a party is doing good work in healthcare, ask questions to them about education, then about jobs, then about construction and the list must go on to ensure every sector is being covered. You should understand they are our servant and not god. So, never ever get satisfied with them and always keep ready your questions.

Criticism is the reason why lots of ruling parties face defeat in politics in India. As soon as you start asking logical questions to them, they must have to deliver it.


Therefore, If you want to change the way of politics in India, you must change the vision to see it. This is not a NEW INDIA and we have to understand this. By throwing some words on you should never impact on your mind and you must have to go in details to check ground reality. Blindfold believe kills democracy and invites disasters. Politics and religion are different. So, never let politicians mix them for their personal benefits.

Understand, Politicians will come and go but your relations should remain the same. Stop believing in political parties and choose the best candidate who talks about development instead of religion.

Now It’s your responsibility to spread this article to each and every Indian before elections so that we can create some awareness about politics in India. Also, Comment below your opinion on this topic.



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