Bad Leadership Qualities

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All the time this world experiences so many good leaders who have changed this world dramatically. Either we talk about Steve Jobs or Henry Ford, they all are a fair example of leadership. From the Era of Adam to the 21st Century, leadership always help humans to find the right path. This is a reason why Leaders always get a treatment with high respect and get admire.

“Each of us alone creates the lives we get to live.”

-Robin Sharma-

With all positives and legends, we also get an encounter with bad leaders too. So, they come to rule not to lead. They always focus on the position, not on the goals. Hence we call it “Possessive leadership”. Adolf Hitler is a good example. He wanted to rule all the world at any cost, which stopped him to differentiate between right and wrong. His utmost desire was to rule the world not to lead.

“Leadership Starts where Ego Ends”

Waqqas Malik

Possessive Leadership is spreading like a disease all over the world and in addition to this looks quite simple and attractive. How would someone feel if he/she knows so many people have to follow their orders? It’s Satisfying and aggressive at the same time, hence to keep their position safe or to rule the team they start imposing their bad decisions which ultimately sink the whole plan in the Pot Hole.

“Those Who Lead without Title are True Leaders”

-Robin Sharma-

Bad Leadership Qualities

So, Let’s discuss some Bad Leadership Qualities which are common in these days.

  1. Lack of Vision:- Leaders with lack of vision never can achieve any goal, hence organisation or entity would have to suffer.
  2. Egoistic Preferences:- They always prefer their choices upon which is actually correct.
  3. One Way Communication:- Bad Leaders less listen to their team member and they never open for any suggestions.
  4. Lack of Adaptability:- All bad leaders never timely adopt changing environment which ultimately pushes the entire organisation backwards.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”

John C. Maxwell

Hence, This is all about bad leadership and possessiveness. Everyone in this world is meant to do something. So, doing their work in a way like Picasso’s Painting will help them to lead the work. We at this website trying to create an environment where a new generation can understand the leadership easily.

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