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Among all black words and thick books, It’s next to impossible to concentrate on studies. As a result, It becomes hard for all students to give appropriate time with the same energy and concentration. Maintaining focus now becomes a challenge when every student surrounded by such gadgets like mobile phone and gaming stations etc. Most students can not even push them to leave such things and start to study. Though they want to do so, habit wins always. With all such negativity, do we have anything in our box which can get them back to books?
Fortunately, The answer is YES!

Here in this article, we are going to discuss 5 ways to start focusing again on your studies and with the help of this, you can clear all exams. But the question is how long will it work and why should you start working on it from now? The answer is, These are the five mysterious techniques designed by Waqqas Malik ( The Founder of Dear Sir )which are not only design to focus on exams but it will also help you in your rest life to concentrate on your work in tough times. SO, ARE YOU READY TO EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES OF CHANGING YOUR LIFE?

How To Concentrate on Studies

Here are the Three Most Valuable Techniques to start focusing on your studies.

1. Never Sink Your Knee

Always start easy
Always start easy

Does it sound weird Haa? What does it mean and how is this related to studies? Now Read Carefully because whatever you are going to read from now will change your entire life.
It is a technique where you start study but keeps yourself away to indulge in it. This is important because when we freshly start doing something, we love doing it for long hours but as time passes it starts getting bored and dozy. As a result, most of the students start losing interest in it and feels hesitation to start it back.

It is said, “A constant and regular diet of tiny pieces helps to build great muscles.”
So, for all those who recently start studying should give less time in respect of your ability and should increase the timings as time passes. This technique will help you to not losing interest while studying and keep your mind focused towards your goals.

2. Mind Conditioning

Wash Your brain with Your Words
Wash Your brain with Your Words

This is a way where we have to focus what our mind thinks of and should push it to go a step ahead to ensure the best results. So, Here we go with the second technique to focus on studies. Now we are assuming you have completed the first step and now ready to kick start your mind to get a work from it in a way you want. In this technique, we have to keep telling our mind that whatever you are reading is interesting, full of knowledge and will help you to live a desired life. This technique will help you to create more interest in it and will convince your mind for the same.

“Keep Telling a lie becomes a truth”

Adolf Hitler

Though this technique works very dramatically in the right direction, it also contains psychological reasons behind it. Psychologist and great philosophers said that when we indicate something to our mind, we actually indicate it to our Subconscious mind. Keep telling something to subconscious mind becomes truth for the same person as that mind starts to believe in it. As a result, our subconscious mind starts helping us to keep focusing on our study. In the same way, if you direct your subconscious mind that “You are not able to compete and you won’t complete this book ever and whatever you are learning won’t gonna help you in the life”. Your mind will start believing in it and will kick you down and then you will never concentrate in it.

3. Be A Ear Bug

Keep Telling Your Learning
Keep Telling Your Learning

Sharing knowledge is the best way to increase engagement in what you are doing. Start discussing your topics to relevant friends, it will help you to remember the old chapters and also build the interest. Psychologist says “repetition of work is required to get expertise”. In the same way, Recalling and sharing is the best way to prepare the mind for upcoming practices. Doing this regularly will help you to accept the situation positively. Then you won’t need to push yourself to increase interest or reading books etc. because your mind will do the same at autopilot mode.

The question arises that what if you don’t have anyone to share with. This is possible and not necessarily you would find someone who will be interested to listen to you. Then What? The answer is very simple and quite easy. It doesn’t matter with whom you are sharing the information but what matters a lot is the repetition of the same. So, You just need to say “Hi” to your subconscious mind and BOOM your best friend is now available to listen to anything you want. Talking with yourself is also a sign of intelligence. So this practice will also train you chatting with the mind, which will help you in taking a decision in a tough time.

Learning From This Article

After a long and deep conversation finally, you have realized that everything is in your hand and nothing in this world happens without your consent. So, Learning from this article are… First, You should not start with any boost. Second, your mind is something you teach to it. So always feed your mind with positive thoughts and start using it for your benefits. Third, Sharing is caring. Share whatever you learn with those who are really interested and this will help you to remember the concept for a long time. Hmmm Now, you are well aware how you can get control over your habits, It’s time to share this article with your friends and family so that you can remember these things for a long time.

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